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Recent Reviews

Some words from recent clients that have worked with me

Ron worked with me and others on various aspects of speaking skills and personal impact coaching. Whilst this was unchartered territory for some and we were not quite sure what to expect, Ron made everyone at ease with his open and welcoming manner and provided an energetic, dynamic and fun-filled workshop. He improved everyone on the course, even the absolute beginners. I would recommend him very highly.


Training on the stage of a thousand seater West End theatre was the most amazing experience. It was the follow-on from one of Ron’s workshops in a training room and was a real eye-opener being in such a large space. We did business-type training all morning and some of the afternoon – Ron took us through some voice work, projection of the vocal and the physical, some ‘stage’ tips, giving our presentations etc. - and then in the latter part of the day we did some personal stuff. One person sang, one read The Gruffalo, one read some Shakespeare………and I did some stand-up comedy! The day was being filmed so we all have a record of our day on the stage. Really memorable.

Financial services

A brilliant workshop! Ron creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and I especially found the theatre tips and tricks really helpful. It was without question the best training I’ve ever received. I’ve put these new-found skills to good use on many occasions and have received excellent feedback! It’s been a real boost to my self-confidence.

Financial services

Truly confidence-building!

Coca Cola

The combination of the practical issues together with the psychology of performing was challenging, fun and hugely rewarding. A very different kind of training – because of the theatre element – which made it very interesting and enjoyable.

Virgin Mobile

Ron is great for giving you encouragement and self belief. He gives essential tips and his workshops are full of valuable advice.

Legal mediator

Even the boring bits were interesting!

Cornhill Insurance

I have worked 1-2-1 with Ron to help me improve my public speaking skills. I learned how to deal with nerves and to get my messages across in a powerful and egofree way. His advice on preparation and structuring has proved to be invaluable. It was excellent training! I recommend him to everyone.

Sales Training

Ron is a pleasure to work with. His workshops are motivating, full of fascinating and useful insights. Highly recommended.


I have had the joy of working with Ron several times in the last ten years. His training gets to the truth you’re wanting to tell your audience and makes you perform…..…not just present. His experience and guidance have made me the speaker I am today. Sales pitches, 200+presentation slots, conferences or simply a 1-2-1 meeting, Ron has shown me and will show you how to be the best you can be.

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